Lesson Price (Pay in Advance) :  [All price show in 1 Group]

How to get to Greensky Guest House:

-By bus from Seoul City

-By bus from Airport (Choice1 , Choice2)

-Or come here by Van Taxi Pick up Service

1.Book Online Here >>
(Before booking online, if you have any questions, please let us know by email to shounskiteam@naver.com )
2.Get the Quotation by email
3.Finish the Payment before the expired day
[We provide Korean, Taiwan, China, HongKong Bank & Paypal for payment. The detail Payment way is shown in Quotation form.]
4.Reply email to us after you finish all the booking process.
5.We will confirm your booking within 1~2 working days.
   After you get the confirmation PDF file, the reservation is done.
6. When you receive the confirmation letter, it means the reservation is all done.
7.Please book at least 6 days before the tour date. If you want to book in urgent, please contact with us.
   [*If you didn't get the confirmation PDF file, then your reservation is not finished.   
    In this case, if your booking date become full, we can not make ski tour schedule for you.]
1.Refund Regulation :
**We do NOT refund in case of any cancellation of lesson or package
due to personal reason, personal changing-mind or any kind of injuries at the spot.

Student’s safety is our highest principle of teaching, and it’s also the highest priority for each class. All coaches make every effort to reduce the possibility of student’s injury. As long as the students follow coach’s guidances seriously and carefully, basically the chance of injury is very, very low.

2.Travel Insurance:

All of our tour package charge does not include insurance costs. We strongly suggest you to apply for travel insurance before going abroad

(If there are any injuries ocurred, our staff of group will NOT take any of the related liability and responsibility. But we will designate our coach who understand Korean to go to the hospital for medical treatment together with you, and get a Expense Receipt and Medical Diagnosis Certificate, to help the students to get insurance claims in thier own country)
*The lesson fee is for 1 on 1 teaching. If extra kid want to join the lesson, the lesson fee is 80,000won/per kid
 (Note: 1 coach teach maximum 3 kids)
*Ski & Snowboard Lesson can not be in 1 Group (Need to Separate Ski lesson Group and Snowboard lesson Group)
*The lesson fee is for 1 Group. Maximum 3 person can join 1 Group. Group charge can be divided by each person
*If there are 4 or more person want to join 1 Group, the addition charge from 4th person is 50,000won /per person
*You can specify the coach. Please book earlier
*The students join the same group must be similar level
*If your are old student and already become our VIP members [Please check how to become our VIP Membership here], you can enjoy the VIP discount [2hrs Lesson: 20,000won /per group, 4hrs Lesson: 20,000won /per group]
*VIP discount is not available during the early bird season
Option (Pay in Advance) : [All price show in 1 person]
(1)If you want to stay in Greensky Guest House [All room has private shower room], 
    - extra 20,000won / per person / per night  (Mon.~Thur.)
      - extra 25,000won / per person / per night  (Fri.~Sun.)
      - extra 30,000won / per person / per night (Special Days: 2019.Dec/24~25, 2020.Jan/1, 2020.Jan/24~27)
[*We only provide double room for 2 person. For 1 person who use one room, please pay extra fee 20,000won /per night]
(2)If you need the transportation(tour bus) between Seoul & Bearstown , extra 20,000won /per person
     (Please check "Information of Assembly Place & Time"!!)
The Extra Fee you need to know (Pay when you are here in Bearstown ski resort) : [All price show in 1 person]


-Lift Pass(Day Ticket) 9am-17pm : 75,000won (original) -> 52,500won (after 30% off) [2018-19 price, 2019-20 season may change]

-Rental Fee (Gear: 10,000won , Wear: 10,000won) 


Lesson Time :  (Unavailable Date : 12/1, 12/15, 1/5, 1/19, 2/2, 2/16)
-2hrs lesson(9am-11am)
-4hrs lesson(9am-11am,1230pm-1430pm)  
Assembly Time 8:20am (After Breakfast in the Greensky hotel counter) 
Ski Resort Bearstown Ski Resort
Ski Trainer Shoun's Ski Team Instructors [All teaching style is the same as Shoun]
Availability Minimum 1ppl ~ Maximum 3ppls (4~6 years old kid can join)
                Beginner: 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 teaching (1 coach teach 1~2 kids)
                Non-beginner: 1 coach teach maximum 3 kids
Things to Prepare : 
- Meals(8,000won~13,000won)
- Water-proof gloves (You can buy in the rental shop. 15,000won for one pair)
- Goggle(You can rent in the rental shop. 5,000won for rent one)
- Long thick socks, Woolly hat, Neck warmer 
- Strongly suggest to apply travel insurance by yourselves in your country before going abroad  
  (The package doesn't include insurance)
We provide to (who join the lesson):
We provide the above equipments to you for free if you join the lesson.
 If there is any missing or broken, please note to make the compensation.
-goggle 50,000won
-helmet 50,000won
-walkytalky 50,000won

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