Why IRO Tour create VIP exclusive service?

Because many of our old students come back to join us again and again for advanced skill. For these student, we will continuously launch new VIP service. We will dedicate our effort to treat our VIP member as our cherished friend^^

Currently the first VIP service that we offer is the discount as everybody wish. All these ideas are come from precious advice mentioned in old student’s questionnaire reply letter. We will strive to put these advice into practice in the future.

We will continue to announce our new VIP service in our Facebook and Instagram, please remember to follow and stay tuned^^


If you have ever joined our tour at least one time and you have indeed joined our coach lesson, you can join our VIP member.  Just follow 2 steps and you will become our VIP^^


Step 1

Press “like” button on our facebook website (www.facebook.com/irotour),

share our facebook main page (www.facebook.com/irotour)on your facebook timeline,

and take the screenshot of it

Step 2

Email us (shounskiteam@naver.com) your personal informaiton as complete as possible in order to  accelerate our verification for your membership qualification

       1. Your email address

       2. Your passport name

       3. One of your photo with our coach (Please note who are you in the photo)

       4. Facebook account

       5. Tour date (last time you join us)

       6. Booking representative person’s email (last time you join us)

       7. Booking ID of previous Quotation (this item is only for 2015-2016 winter season’s student)

       8. The screenshot of the "Like & Share" IROTour page on your fb timeline



After our verificaiton, we will send you a confirmation email to inform the detail VIP membership for you

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Corporate registration number : 104-86-59049

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